Both existed PSO2 for a period as lower-tier rares

23. května 2020 v 9:56 | MMOruki
It's 3 things from PSU as that is all I've played. 1: The giant roulette wheel with giant piles of PSO2 Meseta for sale coins. 2: All the public areas, for a while you had to work your way through a mission or 2 just to reach the area you desired, nice that they made a fast move for this. 3: The BS system. Everyone hated it that feeling when you grind out a 10/10 was so epic.

Both existed PSO2 for a period as lower-tier rares(they were wired lances,) but when the NT weapon system came out a huge quantity of the 7-9 celebrity rarity weapons obtained only... thrown outside. Maybe we'll see a weapon camo to it later since OT weapons are unobtainable in NA. I am pretty certain they were both left behind when the OT/NT shift occurred and Falclaw WL was 11stars, although IIRC Neiclaw WL was 9stars. All those camos in the photon booster shop was weapons you could farm by grinding the holy shit. Instead of having them for each weapon them compressed into camos at least.

And I enjoy the story / writing. But the way is bad. And it seems like that is a measure'up'. Since PSO 1 did it wonderfully, the entire thing frustrates me. PSU even more so. I really don't understand what occurred in PSO2, except to assume that the first implementation was designed to drag the storytelling out within a longer period of time... That is a terrible design decision.

I have never played any other pso match, so I'm not sure how it compares, but it feels like they made Pso2 to be too modularly instanced in the get go and this type of system doesn't lend itself well to an incorporated linear narrative. It's weird though because they've scripted events occur within quests, so it seems like they could have easily made Story Quests which take Expeditions and have them trigger cut scenes because you go through the map, only then call those Story Quests rather than having them all separated. In any case, I totally hate the current system and it has really slowed down my play of pso2 as I am not thinking about playing only for the purpose of leveling up my character, without the narrative being important to the drama I don't feel as though there's a reason for my own attempts.

Personally I also really dislike the writing, making it even harder to slog even though a menu driven story, but I feel as though it'd still get me into the match, even though I did not like the writing, though it was better integrated. Without some narrative cohesion everything feels like endless chores which serve no purpose. The Role Play aspect is made into background fodder. It is disappointing because initially I thought it was an interesting world based on which I played at the closed beta, but then I got beyond the guided part and it's just all menus and can you buy meseta on pso2 endless map runs. Is that typical of a PS game? It's turned me off from attempting others.

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